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● Veloce partners with Mishcon de Reya’s technology consultancy, MDRxTech, to evolve its ecosystem to Web3
● Veloce is the world’s largest next-gen racing, gaming and media ecosystem with over half a billion monthly views
● Veloce owns both real and digital sports assets, including a team franchise in the environment-focused Extreme E series, as well as joint ventures with global sports stars such as F1 driver Lando Norris
● Decentralization and evolution to Web3 will enable greater fan engagement and rewards for the Veloce community, as well as broad utility across Veloce assets in racing, gaming and joint ventures
● Veloce is targeting early 2023 for full digital transformation to be completed

Rupert Svendsen-Cook, CEO of Veloce Group, said: “Since the inception of the company, our vision has been to create a forward-looking sports and media entertainment platform that can not only power, but to reward the very committed and loyal community from which we were built. Simply put, we see the adoption of Web3 and more specifically the integration of the vast utility we have within our ecosystem as an incredibly logical evolution towards realizing this ambition.

“Sports has traditionally locked fans into ‘push only’ relationships. Web3 is changing that. We get half a billion views every month across Veloce’s sports, gaming and media ecosystem. We want those fans to have ownership , value awareness and tangible influence on our assets based on their commitment and support in the area they engage with us in. Ultimately, those who most support our mission and our Values ​​will no longer just be spectators, they can join us on this journey together. If Veloce wins, so will our community. This is about the future of the sport and what fans mean to the sport.

What does this mean for Veloce?

● Veloce will decentralize control of its products and services provided to fans through its ecosystem, using blockchain technology.
● Veloce will release both a utility and a governance token, based on a recognized protocol, to be used as a means for users to participate in the Veloce ecosystem – real merchandising and early access to gaming products and events , content access, future in-game transactions, membership and influence on virtual and physical sports assets across the ecosystem.
● The transition at Veloce will be reflected internally and through its media network, for which Veloce will continue to educate its audience and community on Web3.
● Veloce will be able to reward its members who are aligned with the company’s mission, values ​​and ethics using Web3 technologies such as blockchain.
● The intention is to link the Group’s sports assets to a foundational layer—a utility token and treasury—to support fan engagement in a decentralized community. Veloce will continue to expand its sports assets in real-world sports and esports, including the potential for more esports teams and the acquisition of new franchises in other innovative motorsports series.

Tom Grogan, CEO of MDRxTech, said: “Veloce has already established itself as a leading Web2 company and has a reputation for disrupting and innovating its racing, gaming and media ecosystem. Veloce’s transition to Web3 is a logical next step in its mission to enable fan engagement in more immersive, rewarding and innovative ways.

“The Veloce team’s focus on providing real utility and value to their users and fans has been impressive – they are uniquely positioned to build on their existing communities and use Web3 technologies to establish themselves as true Web3 pioneers. Veloce’s Web3 ecosystem will allow them to create a “golden thread”, woven into and through their various groups, to ensure that their global community is more valuable than the sum of its parts.

“By designing and building this business with Veloce, we are also helping navigate legal and compliance complexities to protect the business and its users. The whole project has an overwhelming sense of purpose. next steps and deliver a game-changing ecosystem for Veloce fans.”

Jack Clarke, Chief Innovation Officer of Veloce Group, added: “There are so many Web3 projects that are fantastic ideas and technology solutions, but they start from scratch – they don’t have users, brand , community, fans, marketing or education awareness. . This is where Veloce is so uniquely positioned above all others. We have everything Web3 needs to thrive, with highly relevant and effective platforms to educate and onboard our users while truly integrating technology to deliver a much more engaging and rewarding solution for all stakeholders. It’s an incredibly exciting and credible proposition, which makes it even more important to work with such respected technical advisors as MDRxTech to achieve what we know is possible.