EFFUN Super Mini Retro Game Console Classic Edition HDMI HD, 2 Wireless Controllers, Built-in 1080 Classic Video Games, Preloaded, Plug and Play, Retro Game Console, Gift for Kids and Dads

Price: $49.99
(as of February 21, 2022 12:09:32 UTC – Details)

Product Description

1080 Nostalgic games, Back to carefree childhood

Super retro mini game console preloaded with 1080 classic games for the 1980s and 1990s

Do you still remember the days when you enthusiastically played the old games in front of the old TV with old boyfriends? Time flies. We are getting old but our hearts are still young. This latest upgraded design retro game console is built-in with 1080 video games that you play in your childhood. Let this retro mini game console help you relive the good old days! Compatible with modern TV or PC screens with HDMI port.


Color: GrayMaterial: Plastic and MetalPlug: US PlugJoystick Type: wirelessOutput: HDMIProduct Size: 5.12*4.13*1.77 inGame Handle Size: 5.11*1.18*1.97 inWeight: 16.93 ozVoltage: 110~220 V

Convenient 8m (26ft) wireless connection and Plug and Play HDMI output —– Play old games in a new way on a 4K HDTV

26ft wireless connection and Plug and Play HDMI output

This retro game console is of the latest design. This is an update of the original version.

Wireless Connection: It provides 2 wireless controllers for you to play games more easily. (Note that the controller connected first to the console is the primary controller, and only the primary controller can control the console. The controller connected second to the console is the secondary controller, which only works after selecting the mode 2 players and when it is the 2nd player’s turn to play the game.) Ergonomic Controllers: As seen in the picture, the entertainment system controller is ergonomically designed. So your hands will feel more comfortable in the game. HDMI Output: Most families nowadays use modern TVs which do not have AV output. So we released this new retro game console in upgraded HDMI version. Not only can you play old classic games more easily by plugging in and playing right away (no AV/HDMI converter or installation needed anymore), but also the picture clarity is much better. You can regain the happiness of your childhood with the help of modern facilities. What fun!

Packing list

1 x Game Console 2 x Wireless Controller 1 x HDMI Cable 1 x Power Adapter 1 x User Manual

Bring your kids into an interesting and amazing game world, laugh with your kids

An interesting classic game world——Father and son have fun together

Retro game console with built-in games.

Unlike today’s complicated games, the classic games we play in childhood are very interesting and suitable for children. There are so many adorable characters in games that made you and your little buddies laugh so much. These games are not only fun, they can also help development and increase brain response speed. In addition, the process of overcoming difficulties in passing different levels of play can help children to have a stronger character. Just bring your kids into this amazing game world with this retro mini game console!

All the classics are here in the Super Mini Retro game console

1080 games, more than your expectation

Here is a list of a small part of all retro games included in the classic retro game console. Check out our list of games and you will be surprised to find so many video games that you have enjoyed so much! They are all preloaded in this mini game console. The game system is lightweight, portable, compact, easy to carry and easy to use. You can play the games in your living room, bedroom, study room as long as there is a TV or PC screen. You can carry this mini retro game console wherever you go and play retro games with your old friends. All-in-one game console.

Plug and Play and 8 hours of playtime

No installation is required. Simply connect the HDMI cable (included in the package) to the HDMI port of your TV or PC monitor. Connect the power cable (included) and install the bats (not included) on the controller and you can start playing your game. The bats last up to 8h of game time. The controllers have a built-in auto-sleep function to save energy.

Improved ergonomic design controller

The controllers are upgraded and adopt an ergonomic design to prevent you from getting tired while playing.

Small but with a high performance chip for fast response

The super retro 1080 mini game console has an upgraded chip which adopts the latest technology for zero delay response speed.

Using the super retro mini game console

Connect console

Connect the retro mini game console with the HDMI line to the HDMI port of a monitor, TV or projector. Connect the power cable to the console. Install the bats on the controllers. (The controller that first connects to the console becomes the primary controller. Only the primary controller can control the console.) Turn on the console. The language selection interface appears.

Select your game

The language selection interface appears. Use the main controller (the red light is on) to select your language. Press B or Y on the right of the controller to confirm. The list of games appears. Use UP and Down to select one by one; Left or Right to scroll through a screen. Use X and A to cycle through the next ten screens. Use B or Y to confirm your game selection.

Change game by SELECT + START

If you want to play another game, you can use the RESET button on the console to return to the games list or press SELECT+START for two seconds on the main controller to return. (Use SELECT to select the number of players and use START to start the game. You can use START to pause the game. The secondary controller only works in two-player game mode.)

Small gift, excellent communication time!

Surprise gifts for children, have fun together!

This super retro mini game console is a great gift for your kids. Giving this as a gift to your kids and playing retro games with them together will open up a whole new world for the friendship between you and your kids and other family members. May your home be filled with laughter!

【Built-in 1080 Games】: The super retro mini game console is built-in with 1080 classic games. It contains most of the retro classic games of the 1980s and 1990s. See the alphabetical list of games.
【Tips for using the console】: ① If you want to play another game, press SELECT+START on the controller for 2 seconds (or press RESET on the console). ② You cannot save game progress, but you can use START to pause the game. ③ If the controller sleeps to save power, press START to wake it up. ④ If the controller no longer works, consider changing the bat or restarting the console. ⑤ Please read the product instructions to help you save time learning how to use the console.
【2.5G 26ft Wireless Connection Up to 8h Playing Time】: 2 wireless controllers come with the super retro mini game console and wireless connection distance is 8m (26ft) long is supported. You can sit comfortably from a distance. The controller adopts energy-saving design. The gaming system’s auto-sleep feature allows for 8 hours of continuous battery life. (Note that if the controller is sleeping to save power, just press START to wake it up.)
【Easy Game Selection】: In the game selection interface of the mini game console, use Left or Right to go to the previous or next page. Use Up or Down to select games one by one. Use the X or A button on the right of the controller to go to the next 10th page to quickly browse the game list. (Note that only the primary controller (connected to the console first) can control the console. The secondary controller only works in 2 player mode and when it is the 2nd player’s turn to play.
【HDMI Output Supported】: The super retro mini game console supports HDMI output. It can be easily connected to a TV, computer monitor, projector or other devices with an HDMI port. You can easily enjoy classic games through modern devices. We provide you with the best product and service. If you encounter any problems, please let us know and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thanks a lot.