Douglas Silva has a sign to take Arthur Aguiar as a VIP

Douglas Silva has a sign to take Arthur Aguiar as a VIP

eh? Biblico realized that Douglas Silva had a clue that prompted him to put Arthur on the VIP list. to understand

The actor’s decision Douglas Silva Leaves Paulo Andre Apart from the VIP in BBB22 has a clear explanation.

This Thursday (07), while winning the leader’s event, the star received a signal for his status Arthur Agyar In VIP, which came from Paulo Andre himself.

Douglas distributed the bracelets in the order: GustavAnd Pedro Scooby Then went to PA with another. However, the athlete made reference to Arthur.

The gesture was delicate, because the actor was coming back from the false wall Annoyed by Douglas for being ‘happy’ after fake elimination. Check the moment:

Are they all programmed?

designate Eliezer Preview on Friday (8) at BBB22. Overnight, he hinted that reality production encourages division into groups.

In his opinion, dividing them into Discord games and placing the appropriate number of VIP wristbands depending on who wins the lead is an indication that the public wants this division. The designer believes the production amplifies the apparent division outside the home.

“It’s just a reflection of what’s going on there. The goal of producing the program is to make that happen,” announcement.