AYANEO teases the world’s thinnest OLED Windows mobile game console

The world’s first ultra-thin OLED Windows handheld console will soon be unveiled by AYANEO…announced in May. With the launch of “the world’s smallest OLED Windows handheld”, AYANEO promised that its new series of handheld game consoles are about to arrive. In a post on Chinese social media network Weibo, the company checked news of its impending OLED console, explaining .

The introduction of the new ultra-slim Windows OLED handheld would boost the portable gaming market, with the Nintendo Switch OLED being the big contender there – with the Valve Steam Deck coming in second – the Windows OLED ultra-thin handheld. -thin AYANEO will be an interesting twist in the market. Valve supports its own SteamOS Linux operating system, as well as Microsoft’s main operating system: Windows 11. AYANEO will certainly have Windows 11, because its current “NEXT” portable console runs on Windows 11 and was released in February 2022.

“AYANEO’s new product line is about to debut, the world’s first ultra-thin Windows OLED handheld, we have injected our understanding of handheld into the new product. It has a first-class appearance, extreme lightness, powerful performance and many world firsts. features will be available at a price close to the public. It’s a small steel gun that you can take with you. press conference in May, the surprise is at the end”.

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  • AYANEO teases the world’s thinnest OLED Windows mobile game console
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