Arcade1Up launches retro video game console Couchcade

Gamers enjoying the Couchcade | Source: Arcade1Up/the pop insider

Arcade1Up is here to make nostalgic gaming as comfortable as possible!

The company – known for its scale arcade cabinets, counter giveaways, game tables and other retro gaming products – has introduced a new way for video game enthusiasts to enjoy their gaming feedback. favorite arcade at home. Say hello to Couchcade, a console that looks like a desktop but offers comfortable arcade gameplay on the big screen.

Couchcade Setup and Wireless Control Platform | Source: Arcade1Up

The new device is easy to set up, with a micro game console that connects to any TV via an HDMI cord. The accompanying wireless control rig is battery-powered, has a 30-foot gaming range, and includes all of the real arcade controls needed for a full retro experience, including a joystick, buttons, action and options for one-player or two-player play. The bottom of the control deck is made of a soft beanbag to comfortably fit gamers knees and has an integrated carry handle. Basically, your TV turns into an arcade screen when you’re seated with the control panel on your lap.

Couchcade Game Screen | Source: Arcade1Up

While the first Couchcade is designed with a Pac-Man theme, it’s not the only game that comes with this console. Players can fuel their nostalgia with Pac man and Pac Maniadig up some memories with dig dug and Dig dug IIor race to an explosive victory with New-Rally X. The Couchcade also includes Galaxian, Galaga, Galaga ’88, Rolling Thunder and Mappy for a total of 10 games. An easy-to-navigate menu makes it easy to switch games at any time.

The Couchcade is available for purchase now for $179.99 on Arcade1Up website.