Apple Removes Game Center App From Home Screen With iOS 10 Beta 1

After years of considering removing Game Center from iOS, it looks like Apple has decided to officially remove it, as evidenced by today’s first beta of iOS 10. As this is a first beta, there is a possibility that the app will return before this fall, when iOS 10 is officially released to the public.

As the stock apps have arrived on the App Store and users can now delete most of them on iOS 10, there’s a real possibility that Apple will revert to allowing Game Center as a download on the Apple Store. App Store. Personally, it will be nice to have one less app that I no longer use on my home screen.

Apple preemptively understood that removing Game Center may disrupt some iOS app implementations, and has done work to help mitigate that. If an application is currently implementing GameKit functionality, the developer must implement the UI behavior to display those functionality for iOS 10. Apple is an example of this by bringing up the idea of ​​showing leaderboards. Instead of jumping into Game Center to display a leaderboard for users, the developer could implement the appropriate GameKit code and present the GameKit Game Center view controller, or simply read the data to present a custom leaderboard interface.

Game kit

The GameKit framework (GameKit.framework) includes the following changes and improvements:

  • The Game Center app has been removed. If your game implements the features of GameKit, it must also implement the necessary UI behavior for the user to see those features. For example, if your game supports leaderboards, it might have a GKGameCenterViewController object or read data directly from Game Center to implement a custom user interface.

Take a look at Apple What’s new in iOS 10 release notes on the Developer Center for a more detailed breakdown of the changes. I know from reading our previous reviews that many of our readers will be happy to see many stock and Game Center apps go missing.

Updated June 14, 2016 07:33 AM PDT: There appears to be some confusion resulting from the removal of the Game Center app. From what we could say in the documentation of iOS 10 beta 1: while the Game Center app no ​​longer exists, the functionality that comes with it is not. As one reviewer pointed out, watchOS 3 was listed as supporting Game Center during yesterday’s keynote. This means that watchOS 3 apps could natively support Game Center features like challenge friends and view leaderboards, but there likely won’t be a central Apple-provided location for all of that.

We will continue to update as we learn more.

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