Apple is rumored to be working on a new video game console

Rumors are circulating in South Korea that, several years after Pippin, Apple may once again be looking into the video game console market.

Pippin apple

Pippin was based on the Apple Macintosh platform, including the classic Mac OS architecture. Apple has licensed Pippin technology to third-party companies. Bandai Company Ltd. developed the ATMARK and @WORLD models and focused them on gaming and entertainment businesses in Japan, Canada and the United States. Katz Media developed the KMP 2000 and focused it on vertical markets across Europe and Canada.

Nick de Courville for The Mac Observer:

Rumors are circulating on the Korean platform Clien that there is news in Taiwan that Apple is planning to return to the gaming industry. Clien successfully predicted the previous product news, such as the launch of the Intel i9-12900KS before its release, so there is a basis for the information.

There are also reports that the company may be producing a chip specifically to power a game console. Clien also said that Apple may not be interested in a console at all. Rather than build a standalone device, Apple could integrate its new gaming device directly into Apple TV.

Additionally, Clien claims that Apple tapped both Ubisoft and Capcom for games exclusive to the supposed platform.

Taken from MacDailyNews: If we had to guess, we’d assume it’s not PiPP!N[loomingbutnext-genAppleTVhardwarethattheserumorsaremilling[quiseprofilemaisdumatérielAppleTVdenouvellegénérationquecesrumeurscirculent[loomingbutnext-genAppleTVhardwarethattheserumorsaremilling

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