Apple game console concept set to knock out Nintendo Switch

For anyone looking to leapfrog the Nintendo Switch and Android-based gaming smartphones, the Apple gaming console could provide a breath of fresh air and sympathy.

Handheld game consoles like the Nintendo Switch offer gamers entry into high-end graphics games as well as addictive arcade titles at the convenience of their pocket. In a way, gaming phones and even normal flagships give smartphone users another reason to enjoy high-end games on their smart devices. Apple is also in on the action with its industry-leading A15 Bionic chip, which sweats the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and MediaTek 9000 processors in individual performance.

Creator: Konstantin Milenine

It makes a compelling case to have an Apple handheld console with the backing of Apple’s microprocessor technology powering the top-end graphics, highest frame rates, and multiplayer capabilities. Designed for optimal gaming performance with a tactically placed joystick, buttons and shoulder triggers; the handheld comes with free photography and video shooting capabilities. It is also equipped with a rear camera sensor and a front camera. The latter will come in handy for on-the-fly live game streaming. Forward-facing speakers are positioned in the upper left and right corners for surround sound effects while identifying muffled enemy footsteps.

Just like other portable game consoles, Apple’s gadget will also have the ability to connect to Apple TV, Apple Music, iCloud on the go when you get tired of the adrenaline rush of gaming. Apple’s minimal design philosophy highlighted by the use of premium body materials, this gaming console is aimed at serious gamers to say the least. The gaming machine’s Prussian Blue colorway blends perfectly with the aesthetics reflected in the buttons. However, the selfie camera could be a distraction in first person shooters if you need to spot the enemy in that particular area.