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Spike Up, one of the world’s leading affiliate networks and performance marketing companies, today signed an agreement with Flows, an industry-neutral plugin-free innovation platform . Streams will allow Spike Up to rapidly build and deliver new features and applications and further enhance their ability to maximize returns for operators, while continuing to personalize the experience for consumers.

Spike Up has an impressive portfolio of informative websites, including AmericanLines.com, that helps users make informed decisions about their next move and closed-loop analytics, then ensure their leads are converted. Data-driven in the relentless pursuit of increased ROI, Spike Up uses cutting-edge technology to improve players’ online experience and accelerate results for casinos and sports operators. As an industry leader in iGaming, Spike Up is well positioned to analyze customer preferences, employ sophisticated performance marketing techniques, and provide businesses with real-time ROI measurement, all with this objective in mind, to guarantee the growth and profitability of the company.

Flows is designed to be one of the most agnostic software on the market, able to combine with any other technology you own or use to then allow its partners to innovate freely and without constraint. Flows, the no-code plug-in platform, helps companies accelerate development, accelerate integrations, and coordinate multiple data points in a single interface

Eric Ames, SpikeUp CEOsaid, “We’re really looking forward to integrating Flows into our systems. With so many possibilities, the hardest part is knowing where to start.”

James King, CEO at Flux, said, “We are delighted to have partnered with Spike Up and to be able to support them as they continue to build on their market-leading position. The Spike Up team has a ton of great ideas to execute through Flows and we’re very excited to work with them on these.

It’s a continued reflection of the great work done by our team at Flows, to now be able to count one of the world’s leading affiliate networks as a client so early in our journey. This opportunity really highlights the myriad of use cases and therefore potential business types, from vendors and operators to affiliates who can truly use our no-code platform. We have more innovation on our roadmap and I look forward to announcing both new product extensions for Flows as well as new customers in the months to come”